We are a group of companies engaging mainly in real-estate businesses located in Tachikawa City, the western part of Tokyo. Established in 1924, we had produced many airplanes until the end of WWⅡ in 1945. Since the full return of our real estates in 1977 condemned after the war, we have been developing our business to lease former factories as a storehouse. Currently, we are working on the development of GREEN SPRINGS to be launched in the spring of 2020 as a part of the redevelopment with a view to the next 100 years.

GREEN SPRINGS is an area development project to be implemented and will be completed in 2020 at the place next to Showa Kinen Park enjoying one of the largest green areas in Tokyo which on the right beside of north side Tachikawa Station with one of the biggest numbers of incoming and outgoing passengers in the western part of Tokyo blessed with an exceptionally good location where satisfies both urban functions and natural environments. GREEN SPRINGS proposes the next-generation “Well-Being” including with its about 3.9-hectare ground having the wide sky, lush greenery and relaxing watery scenery; a hotel with around 80 rooms equipped with an infinity-shaped swimming pool at its top floor; a music hall with about 2,500 seats satisfactory meeting a variety of needs; around 40 commercial facilities coloring the customers’ lifestyle; and those office rooms offering creative work fields.

Then, what we have designed as a part of this development project is “Tachihi Public Art Award 2020”. Providing supports to the producing activities of attractive art works that enhance the beauty of this city and also stimulate the intellectual curiosity of those visiting the city for the purpose of embodying the concept of “Well-Being” having the meaning of “Comfortable State of Mind and Body”. Further, contributing to many artists’ taking off to the world just as many aircrafts used to take off to the world from this place. With such thoughts in our mind, we have determined to set the concept of this award as “Runway”.

We strongly expect that “Tachihi Public Art Award 2020” to be established this time will be a big chance for young artists around the world and also an opportunity for the further development of Tachikawa.
December 2018
Masamichi Murayama
Representative Director and President


We set the concept of the new town as “Well-Being Town Where People Living Together with Sky and Earth” based on our idea that the needs for “Physically and Mentally Healthy, Comfortable and Humane Lifestyle” will become further evident after 2020. Tachikawa City embracing “Green (Midori) District” is blessed with rich natural resources, arts and the ground for an academic city in addition to good access to the central part of Tokyo. We have a dream of, taking advantage of these resources, creating a “Life-Friendly City Where Nature and Culture Blending Together”. Looking ahead beyond 2020, we will deliver from Tachikawa to all over Japan, eventually to the world, new ways of life and rich lifestyles that are sought for many years to come.