Think Our Own Well-being
GREEN SPRINGS sets “Well-Being” as the concept of its area development in where the awarded artworks will be installed. The concept of “Well-Being” pursues the essence of the ideal figure of individuals and societies in the age to come and is, at the same time, a very modern and global theme. Moreover, we believe that this is probably not a theme expecting any stereotypical, assertive “Answer” but one that becomes open to a wide range of possibilities by each one of us, individuals living in the present, continuously asking, “What is well-being to me?” in a proactive manner. In line with such recognition, we set the theme in seeking artworks for this award as “What is Well-Being to us?"

We have set the themes of respective zones named "Memory", "Environment" and "Future" to associate with the city assets of Tachikawa where is well-known as the "FARET Tachikawa" area development project which introduced and utilized public art to improve the area. We aim to create an opportunity and platform where those people visiting this town ask themselves again, "What is well-being to me?", by causing rich conversations between those expressing things and those appreciating them through the artworks.



What lies ahead that we have never experienced. Dialogue with the world.


Dialogue over “Environment” surrounding us living in the present while paying attention to both social and natural environments.


Dialogue with our roots (the history and climate of the town) in order to think about our desired future.


[Artworks Sought for Art Award] This art award is going to select 5 individuals/groups.
*It seeks artworks conforming with the respective themes of 5 installing zones.
Actual artworks will not be accepted. Please refer to the drawings of the respective exhibition sites.
*Some parts have been changed in the drawings in 17 Dec, 2018, please check and up date the latest one.
*We apologize for the short notice. About the installation position 4, in relation to the construction method, please keep in mind that the artwork anchored to the building is not an option. Please make sure that the structure of your artwork is able to stand alone to prevent turn over.
Exhibition Site all PDF

Encounter with Tachikawa.

We seek tridimensional (3D) artworks to be exhibited at the entrance of the city block. Those artworks raising the expectation toward the city block while incorporating the climates of Tachikawa (its history, lifestyle, etc.) into their theme are desired.
Exhibition Site 1 PDF

Path of Environment.

We seek artworks to be exhibited inside the garden environment that reproduces the vegetation of Tama district including Tachikawa located in the western part of Tokyo. Those artworks raising our awareness of the natural environment of Tama are expected.
Exhibition Site 2 PDF

Looking Up Sky.

We seek planar (2D) artworks making efficient use of the glass wall surfaces of the bridge connecting a hotel and a commercial wing. Those artworks taking advantage of the attractiveness of the wide, high sky unique to Tachikawa are preferred.
Exhibition Site 3 PDF

Perch in City.

We seek artworks to be exhibited at the outdoor stairs and the stair landing. Those artworks proposing our place to stay in the city are expected.
Exhibition Site 4 PDF

Along with Citizens.

We seek the grassroots, work-in-progress artworks plan utilizing the planted zone provided at the hall rooftop. Those project proposals creating the future of Tachikawa along with its citizens while appealing the characteristics of this city block are desired. (This artworks will be assumed to be produced after the spring of 2020 and the completion of the city block through a civic workshop, etc.)
Exhibition Site 5 PDF


  1. Your artwork should be an original one that has not ever been published inside or outside Japan.
  2. Your artwork must not give out any strange odor nor use any fire.
  3. Your plan has to be a one enabling your artwork to be exhibited at least for three years and accordingly you are expected to submit a maintenance plan making it possible.
  4. You are requested to propose a plan that will never pose any safety risk to visitors.
  5. We may withhold your award even after you have won a one in the event that your artwork has been found violating our artwork regulations.


* 1 individual or group is to win the award for each one of the 5 exhibition sites. The prize money of 500,000 JPY will be given to such 5 award winners respectively.
* We will pay the amount after deducting the withholding tax and the special reconstruction income tax.
Besides the prize money, the grant money for production will be provided up to the amount specified below for respective Exhibition Sites 1 through 5. The grant money for production is to be settled based on actual expenses.
location 1 location 2 location 3 location 4 location 5
4,000,000 JPY 3,000,000 JPY 2,000,000 JPY 4,000,000 JPY (2 works) 1,000,000 JPY
The grant money for production includes the following costs: the consumption tax, mobilization costs, material costs, costs for assistants, etc., transportation costs, travel/accommodation costs, and any other costs needed until your artwork being exhibited.
* Those costs associated with the structural calculation and the installation work are not included in the grant money for production. We will install the artwork of a prize winner after consulting with him/her/them.
* All the necessary items such as videos, lights and devices are supposed to be prepared by artists.


Monday, December 10, 2018 –
Thursday, April 4, 2019
12:00 a.m. JST


Application fee Free of Charge
Applicant Eligibility
  1. Each individual or group may submit as many as artworks he/she/it wants.
  2. A person/group with any nationality may apply for this art award.
  3. An applying person must be aged 39 or under; the average age of the members of an applying group must be aged 39 or under.
* Please refer to our application guidelines specified on our website for the detailed installing sites, the requirements for an artwork, how to make an application, etc.
Application method
You are required to submit the following data by e-mail.
  1. Entry Sheet (including “Title” and “Concept”)
  2. Artwork Plan: Overall Drawing and Image (CG, Illustration, Image of Artwork Model, etc.)
  3. Images of Your Previous Artworks
  4. Maintenance Plan for Next Three Years
  5. Budget Plan (including the maintenance budget for next three years)
As for Data 2 through 5, please submit just one (1) sheet of A4-sized paper. There is no format requirement. The data size for Data 1 through 5 in total shouldn’t exceed 10 MB.
* We seek your art work in the form of data. Your actual art work will not be accepted.
* Your application materials will not be returned to you.
Place of Submission: TACHIHI PUBLIC ART AWARD 2020 SECRETARIAT (info@tachihipublicartaward.com)

Important notice

  1. Regarding prize-winning works, the creation commission fee shall be paid via prize money and creation subsidy, and ownership of the works shall belong to the organizer. Moreover, the rights to exercise and use the copyright of the award-winning works such as exhibition or publication of an award-winning work in a catalog, newspaper, advertisement, homepage, or related media/materials, etc. shall belong to the organizer.Furthermore, the moral rights shall belong to the creator.
  2. Personal information will be used to accept and reply inquiries for entries, notifying the result of the judgements, returning documents, works, matters deemed necessary for the operation of the award, and guidance for the next award. We will not use personal information or provide it to third parties for other purposes without prior consent, except in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations in principle.
  3. You should confirm that you do not infringe copyrights and intellectual property rights of third parties, or otherwise obtain the permission to use the copyrights before applying to the awards.
  4. For other matters concerning the personal information, please refer to the privacy policy.
  5. When the applyed works become apparent that violating the laws and regulations, copyrights or other rights of the third parties, including mental abuses, or promoting the activities of antisocial forces, the work will be excluded from the award. If it turns out the works falls into these conditions, even already the result of the award is announced, the award will be canceled. In addition, any compensation would not be made for the damages caused by the cancellation.
  6. When matters arise that were not stipulated in the application, it will be decided by the organizer’s judgements. In that case, applicants who do not agree with the organizer’s decision can decide to withdraw their application but the fee they paid would not be refunded.



Please ask any question to the secretariat by e-mail.
Its subject line has to be:
【(Your Name)】TPAA2020 QUESTION.
  • * We will make a reply from the e-mail address specified above. If you ask a question, please set your e-mail address beforehand in a way for you to be able to receive e-mails to be sent from the said e-mail address. Please make sure that your mobile phone is able to receive our e-mail because its e-mail address in general may be set in a way to reject e-mails sent from a PC.
  • * Please understand in advance that we will never make a reply to your question using the telephone, FAX, etc. of TACHIHI HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd or SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center Corp.
  • * We will make a reply to your question within 3 business days in principle. If you don’t receive any reply from us within such period, please kindly send your question again to us.
  • * Your personal information obtained through your question will be used solely for a reply to it and will never be provided to any third party unless a stipulation set forth in laws and regulations requires us to do so.
  • * Please understand in advance that the details of your question may be disclosed in a way for others not to be able to identify you.